Pile of Denial

It’s the New Year, so it’s that time again, new life, new you!  I’m sprucing up the house after Christmas, and having the urge to purge all that doesn’t suit me. After all, our home is our sanctuary, our temple right?  I wish to be surrounded by things of beauty; things that bring me peace, serenity, tranquility.  So I’m starting here.  My husband calls it my pile of denial. A pile consisting of clothes I don’t feel like hanging up, pj’s I’m going to wear again anyway so really what’s the point, maybe a top or two with tags still attached that I’m planning on returning someday, a shrug from the 90’s I’ll never wear again but have sentimental attachment to, and maybe a few unfinished books thrown into the midst.  I do my best to keep the rest of the house tidy but this pile is my little pile of sloppy rebellion.  Can you relate?  I laughed yesterday while vacuuming on my husbands side of the bed noticing, he’s got a little pile of denial going on himself!  Ha! Busted!

Ever notice you have those nights when you’re tossing, turning, staring at the clock, praying to sleep but for some very frustrating, unknown reason you can’t? Or those ugly, gnarly moments, when you snap at your child or bite your spouses head off for no aparent reason?  Maybe you’ve come home exhausted from the day but your so filled with anxiety you can’t seem to relax or settle down?  Friend, you yourself may also have a pile of denial.

Did you know that we can actually grieve the Holy Spirit with our transgressions; with the way we are choosing to live our lives and and by what we are allowing into them? (Ephesians 4:30) It’s true, we have a Divine relationship going on in our midst.  God is living among us and within us. (1 Corinthians 3:16)  We are His Home. If He is uncomfortable so are we.   

Think for a moment, are there any areas or attitudes in your life that need to be cleaned up, but you’ve been putting off to the side? Are there unhealthy but familiar, worn out habits, thoughts and patterns in which you are living, that no longer suit or serve you?  Are you holding on to outdated grudges, hurts and disappointments that need to be dealt with?

If so, it’s time to freshen and free up!  It’s time to create new space for all the good things God wants to do in your life!  He wants to take you to a new level of living!  He wants nothing more than to deliver you to broader, more expansive spaces of life that only He can fill!  Fill with His gifts of peace, joy, health, healing, wholeness and freedom all which lead to true happiness! He wants to answer all of your hearts dreams and desires; after all, He was The One who placed them there!IMG_7892

We can choose to invite the guidance of the Holy Spirit to work in our everyday lives, asking Him to lead the way.  With our health, our habits, our hurts, our families, our finances our businesses and our bondage’s.  He wants to be a part of it all.  Then, as He guides us in all areas of our lives we will begin making wise choices for ourselves and soon find we are filled with inner peace and rest from a calm and clear conscience.

So take some time to get with Him.  Ask God to reveal to you the areas, and relationships in your life that He would like to get started on.  And with His mighty strength and gentle hand together you will clear them away, making way for what’s to come!

The fruit of that righteousness will be PEACE; its effect will be Quietness and CONFIDENCE. (Isaiah 32:17 NIV)

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. (Proverbs 3:24)

Here’s to hearts peace and sweet sleep friend!

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2 thoughts on “Pile of Denial

  1. This is so true and down to small details, especially the small details . I feel anxiety if I binge watch t.v., or treat myself to too much free time. Then yes if I keep doing it, there is an absence of calm until I turn the ship. I feel the grief inside. When I’m giving up Gods best and taking the quick temptations!!!! This is spot on!!!

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