BeCome – Love Lights Up

Today, we have filters for our photographs.  If we wish, with a click of a button we can illuminate and enhance our image.

We desire to be unique, to be accepted, to be purposeful and powerful.  We wish to be wanted, to be liked, to be successful and satisfied. We long to be loved and to be happy.  We crave to be all that we were created to be.  To radiate on the outside all the passion and creativity that’s stirring, moving and aching on the inside.  To fully function and live out the good life.  We desire to become.

If we truly desire to become all that God has intended for us to be we first have to come to Him.  Come to the One and only who can release that power into our lives. Come to the One and only who can heal our bruised and battered hearts. Come to the One and only who extends and teaches compassion. Come to the One and only who can mend our broken pieces together and create something truly beautiful.

Come, He says.  Come to Me all who labor.  Come to Me and rest. Come to Me and restore.  Come to Me and be forgiven and filled.  Come.  He does not say hesitate from guilt and reproach from our sinful nature.  But come.  Come boldly, with confidence in who God says we are through His son Jesus Christ, righteous and redeemed.  (Hebrews 4:16)  Approach His throne, invite Him and His matchless grace and mercy into your life and into your heart to shape and mold you into His image.

See I am doing a new thing do you not perceive it?  (Isaiah 43:19)

You can feel it, can’t you?  You can sense that God wants to do something uniquely in and through you.  Something that will benefit not only you but His Kingdom.  He wants your life, your talents and gifts to intricately play a role in the work He is doing in and on this earth today that will impact eternity!  He desires to distinctively shine His Light through you; filtering through all that He has created you to be. 

 The Lord is my Sheppard [to feed, guide, and shield me].  I shall not lack.  He makes me lie down in [fresh, tender] green pastures; He leads me beside the still and restful waters.  (Psalm 23:1-2 AMP)  

Your life has a predestined purpose.  The Lord is not leading you or planting you in a space that has ever before been preoccupied.  Your place in this world is fresh, tender, green, and new!   He wants to do something in and through you that has never been done before. He wants to present the world with a one of a kind gift! You!

We are not to look to the right or to the left, comparing ourselves to others. We are to keep our gaze fixed on Him.  Not listening to who and what the world says we are.  But believing who He says we are.  Chosen, forgiven, adored, free, powerful.  Firmly rooted and securely planted in Him and His unwavering truth, love and faithfulness. Ready to flourish like a well watered righteous oak, bringing forth it’s fruit in due season! 

The Lord is God, who has shown and given us light [He has illuminated us with grace, freedom and joy]. (Psalm 118:27)  

Christ is the Light that illuminates our life!  He is our enhance button!

If you wish to be all that God has for youcome to Him.  Come like a little child, trusting and believing that He is.  Be filled with His grace, freedom, joy and light!  Be led to a full life, a life worth living, a life to be enjoyed and envied!   BeCome all that you were meant to be!

Let Love light you up!


Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.  (Psalm 34:5) 

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