A Different Point of View


Sometimes we need new perspective.

It was the weekend after Christmas and family was still in town.  The air was crisp and cool and the sky sunny in Phoenix.  I snuck my aunt, in from L.A., away from the crowd for a dunky Eggs Benedict and coffee talk.  We percolated and spilled our souls underneath the warmth of an outside heater at Town and Country’s  retro spot Snooze.  We didn’t want more shopping, we wanted beauty and breath.  Enjoying every savory bite, we finished our plates and discretely unbuttoned  our jeans.  Grabbing some joe to go, we headed out to find a view.

Driving up a steep, rocky mountain, a familiar voice chimed in “You have arrived at your destination”  Thank you Siri.  We found ourselves to be at a stunning resort with a picturesque view overlooking the Valley, just so perfectly called, A Different Pointe of View.  

Earlier that morning, I had prayed before this outing. I knew my aunt was in need of some heart healing and we both were in need of some perspective on life.  I had prayed for God’s grace and favor, that He would bless this time of ours together and that He would fill our hearts with exactly what we needed.  She was getting on a plane to go home to uncertainties, and I didn’t want her to leave empty.

As we pulled in, the parking lot was bare.  My heart sank at the thought of not being able to get into the restaurant that leads to this place of peace.  We approached the rustic round doorway and it was locked.  Not a person in sight.   There goes my plan for rest and renewal. Not giving up, we continued to look for a way in.  And then, I saw it. Off to the side around the way, a smaller, more secluded door, hidden in vines was propped open by a single rock.  We smiled at each other in awe of our luck and silently slipped inside to find a circular, secluded staircase that led us up.

The view was expansive, clear, stunning and bright!  Mountain peaks,  palms trees and blue sky all lined in a burst of red geraniums! It was quite on top of the world and things seemed pleasantly small.  The gentle hush and brush of a breeze seemed to sway us in a nurturing way.  We breathed deeply and were filled with peace and perspective.


In the midst of our bliss, I looked over to see my aunt, basking in the glorious dance and kiss of the golden sun. Son bathing if you will. Filled with exactly what she came for. I smiled at her as I realized The Rock held open the door!


Wherever you’re heart is sitting today. What ever uncertainties you face.  Whether you’re in need of healing or hope, peace or perspective, know this.   In this ever changing, shifting world, Jesus is The Rock.  He is The Way that leads to Life. When you place your hope, your heart and your life on His unwavering foundation of LOVE, you can rest in trust.  Trust that when the time, the person, the place or opportunity is right, The Rock will be there, holding open the door that leads you to exactly where you are meant to be.



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