Rich In Heaven


Luke 13:30 (AMP)

And behold, there are some (now) last who will be first (then) and there are some (now) first who will be last (then).


Admiring the sun glistening through the stained glass of the cathedral windows, leaving a mosaic of water colored hues on the statue of Mary, I heard a voice singing from a different direction from where the choir stood.  It was loud and proud, and sang with such passion.  I looked to see this maestro and there in the middle of a pew stood a man.  Freshly showered with his long grey hair still damp, wearing a worn, green army jacket and faded black jeans.  I was a few rows behind him so I couldn’t see his face, only a quick flash of a side view.  He knew all the words to every song.   He listened and joyously laughed intently.

This guy made me smile, even laugh a little.  He didn’t care what others thought.  It was refreshing!  He was there for a reason, to praise and worship his Lord and Savior!  He was a man of faith.  He was thankful to be there.  Sang as if he were singing for Jesus Christ himself!  Beautiful!  He fascinated me.


Noticing subtle stares, it was as if a soft white light shone down on just him and I saw him in a different light.  His old worn clothes were replaced with a sleek, crisp suit, his hair well groomed and his hands cleansed, healed of a lifetime of hardships.  He stood tall.  He was mighty and angelic.  Had a voice of an angel!


As mass was ending, people were shuffling around gathering their purses and jackets, checking their cell phones to see if there were any missed calls.  Conversations of family gatherings and meals to be had were wafting through the thick heated air.  My Husband Mark and I were leaving the building dabbing a bit of holy water on ourselves when I looked back to get one more glimpse of the man, he was alone, gathering his sack of clothes, shoes and tattered books.  He had no home to go to, no family or friends with an inviting hot cooked meal.  But he was joyful, leaving with a peaceful smile on his face.  And I thought to myself, “He’ll be rich in Heaven.”   


I’m thankful for that day.  I’m reminded to look at people differently now.  God doesn’t care about our expensive watches and status size diamond rings, our huge SUVs’ and expansive custom houses.  He cares about who we are, our personal relationships with Him, what we are doing with the lives we’ve been given, how we treat other people.  What we do when no one is looking.


Matthew 6:3-4 (NIV) But when you give to the needy, do  not let your left hand know what your right hand is dong, so that your giving may be in secret.  Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Enjoy some Rich In Heaven tunes!

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