Lean Into Love



Matthew 6:11

Give us this day our daily bread.


I had a dream I was in Heaven. There was no sense of time, I was just floating in utter peace in an inter tube along a narrow river in the countryside.  Sunlight softly filtered through the trees as I slowly drifted with the natural ebb and flow of the river. I enjoyed every gentle twist and turn of the journey, not trying to paddle against the current but giving into where I was at the moment. Admiring the effortless ease of the honey colored marsh as it swayed with the breeze, like a well choreographed dance between the two.  I dipped my fingers and toes into the cool water, and eventually was led, swirling out into a spacious sea of blue.

God fed the Israelites miraculously while they journeyed through the desert to the Promised Land with daily portions of manna.  Likewise, we are to be satisfied daily with what we have been given, in every miraculous moment.

Instead of going against the stream; the season of our life, let us lean in, give in, go with and enjoy Gods natural flow and grace, all of His twists and turns and trust in His perfect timing to deliver us.


I was getting ready to leave the house for the weekly Holy Yoga class I attend and enjoy, It’s my one opportunity to get a break from being mommy and for some peace and practice. My daughter Annalise was off from school and excitedly expressed to me her desire to come.  My instinct was to go against the natural moment and flow of my life; to resist the season that I am in and go alone.  Then I heard The Lord whisper, “Lean in” inviting me to give into what Love was offering in this moment.  So instead of getting upset that I wasn’t getting my alone time, I leaned in.  Embraced the season of my life and got to share in a special experience with my daughter.  We practiced and praised, we stumbled and strengthened and in the end, held hands and worshiped. We both leaned in and loved it.


So often we try to make things happen on our own.  God plants desires, dreams of Promise Lands in our hearts and at times we become impatient.  My youngest daughter, Angeline just accomplished learning to swing on her own; pumping away she had a grimacing look on her face. “I’m not going high enough!” My heart sank; I so desperately wanted her to enjoy herself. Knowing that if she keeps swinging she’ll eventually get there. I longed for her to throw her little head of dark curls back and giggle.  To feel the rush and wonder of His breath against her skin as she lifts her heart shaped face to the sun.  I wanted to see her reach and point her perfect little toes to heaven!  I wanted her to enjoy her way to higher!


(Exodus 3:-7-8 AMP) I have heard your cries I have come to deliver you to a good and spacious land a land flowing with milk and honey.

There is no such thing as trust without unanswered questions. Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  In faith we trust that God hears our prayers, he understands our desires and He has a good plan of prosperity and fullness for our life.  Jesus said I came so that they may have and enjoy life! (John 10:10)  That means right where you are now!   For this is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad!  (Psalm 118:24) Every person, every challenge and trial, make the most of it, give God your very best, seize the miraculous moment!

Make each person in front of you feel golden!  Put down the cell phone, get off the computer, and turn off the television, engage!  Look around you, smile, serve wholeheartedly, lean in and give in to Love.

Enjoy some Lean Into Love tunes!



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  1. I loved this! Hebrews 11:1 is one of my life verses.
    You are so right about leaning in rather than pulling away from the unexpected. This is something I’ve been doing more over these last few years and there is much more joy to be found in doing so.

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