Notice Me


Proverbs refers to life as a whirlwind.  Before we know it it will have passed.  (Proverbs 10:25)

I was tidying up the kitchen when my daughters colorful April calendar hanging on the refrigerator, cried out for my attention.  With my head far off in a distant cloud of thoughts somewhere, filled with the usual should be by nows and need to do lists, I ignored it’s plea.

Just then, I heard the whisper of God breathe,  Notice Me.  As I came out from my cloud and returned to the kitchen, I turned toward her work. I realized it was well into the month and I hadn’t yet stopped to look at how she had poured her little heart into this months calendar.  In fact, I wondered,  just how many months had gone by where in my gust of rush I quickly changed out the old for the new, without stopping to see?

I walked over and took it down, making time to truly admire the fluttering rainbow wings of her neatly hand cut butterfly and all of her chosen, artistic touches. The swirl of a sunshine, the strength and glory of her tall tree and how she whimsically scrolled around her name, punctuating in pink!  I would have missed all that.  My heart smiled that I didn’t and I was filled with joy in the moment as I hung April back up.

As I began hand washing some of last nights dishes, I suddenly was whisked away again.  This time, transported and left to wander anxiously through the years 1990  to 2036.   When a waving fuchsia friend,  caught my attention from outside my kitchen window.  Notice Me, I heard again. So I quickly traveled back to the year 2016 and looked up.  It was Spring, our tree in the backyard had begun to bloom.  I hadn’t noticed.  Beautiful!

I then whipped up a fabulous , Instagram inspired and I must say, post worthy, breakfast!  Bursting with health, vibrancy and flavor! I sat down to eat it, when in no time at all, I was off again.  I’d like to say it was somewhere noteworthy, but it’s more likely it was back to that nagging to do list.  All I know is, I wasn’t at the breakfast table!  This time, I brought myself back and gave myself a talking to.  You took time to create this beautiful breakfast for yourself, enjoy it!  Be here!  So I looked at and admired my food. I chewed it slowly, appreciating all of the flavor, color and aroma of the ripe heirloom tomatoes and fresh cut basil bursting into my happy mouth!  Again, right there, in the present, joy!

In Your Presence is fullness of joy.  (Psalm 16:11 AMP) 

We enter into God’s joy filled Presence with gratitude.  (Psalm 100)  As we take the time not to let our minds wander but to be fully present and unwrap the gifts that fill the given moment and are grateful for them, we can feel ourselves enter in.  We feel calmer, more at peace and filled with an inner joy.

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present. – Bil Keane

We see an example of this when Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet while Martha busied herself with her concerns.  The Lord said  Martha Martha! You worry and fuss about a lot of things.  But there’s only one thing you need. Mary has chosen what is better, and it is not to be taken away from her.

Let us choose the better portion.  Let us choose to be here with Him and enjoy each given moment of our evanescent life.  Let’s unwrap the blessings of today, for tomorrow they will be gone, and new moments will await.

Be still, for the day is holy.   (Nehemiah 11 AMP)  

Gods Presence is in the present, right here, right now.

He’s inspired life into the words you read. He’s in the comfort and warmth of the coffee mug as you grip and greet the new day.  He’s wrapped tightly around you in the arms of your child’s hug. He’s the love you see affectionately peering back at you through the window of your spouses warm, familiar eyes. He’s the beauty of brush strokes, babies, blooms, birds, taste, touch, sound and smell!  He’s  diversely revealing Himself to you through the talents of others.  Longing to sing to you, to dance with you, encourage you, inspire you, teach you, bring you laughter, joy! 

He’d like to spend this time with you. To unfold life to you through His eyes.  To reveal to you this day, this moment, His gift for you.  

Look, listen, be.

 Hear Him say, Notice Me.  

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