Pray Love Shine


When the increasing weight and harsh realities of this world leave us nearly rocking ourselves to sleep each night, crying in the fetal position, reciting Philippians over and over as if it’s our mantra,

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if ANYTHING IS EXCELLENT or praiseworthy–think about such things,”  

friend,  I’m here to say,


It sits, shining brightly on the corner of Dynamite and Pima Rd. in Scottsdale Arizona. every Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  no matter the conditions.

Vehicles swoosh buy, one by one on this busy, bouldered intersection of the desert. Honking, one after another.  Some loud, desperate, drawn out honks, that actually seem to emit their plea and pain.  Others, offering friendly honks of Hello and Yes please!

Passer byes; waving, pointing, smiling, peering out windows attempting to make eye contact to express the warmth of a sincere Who would do this?  and Thank You!  And well, now, let’s be honest, an occasional person passes by flipping the bird!

All  people, with one thing in common, well except the one flipping the bird that is, they are all asking for prayer.

Roy Stemple, a retired railroad worker from Chicago, Illinois has set himself up on this corner for eight years now.  Just him, a chair, an umbrella for shade, a huge love for God and his sign that reads HONK IF YOU WANT PRAYER.

Repentance is his hearts cry to the world, as he faithfully prays what is put on his heart for each and every person as they honk and rush by.


One man, doing what he can to shine and offer hope in an often dense, dark world.

I don’t know about you, but my heart has been HEAVY these days.  Scrolling  through social media and looking into the bleak reality of our times tends to do that.  Leaving us heart broken and utterly sick about the world our daughters and sons are growing up in.

But we can’t shut our eyes and become one with the unilluminated.  We, like Roy Stemple, have to remember to get out and be LIGHT that illuminates our own corner of the world!

We have to PRAY for our passer byes.   The people that are coming and going through our life’s story, even the ones that flip us off.   ESPECIALLY the ones that flip us off!


Roy Stemple’s light can only shine so far. My light can only shine so far.   But if each and every one of us in our own corners of the world, turned up our LOVE, turned up our LIGHT and POWER that we posses through PRAYER our world, JUST MIGHT GET BRIGHTER! 

How can you pray, love and shine light for the people in your own corner of the world today?

Your corner may not be a busy intersection in your town, maybe it’s the platform of social media, maybe it’s in the line at the grocery store, or in your office or school or your home?

How about shining some light on an already bright light in this world?  Tell us a story of someone you know doing something good in this world?  Little or big, THERE IS NO ACT OF KINDNESS TOO SMALL TO BE SHARED!

Like a dying flame, our hope and healing is fanned back to life in the seeing and hearing of the GOOD that is still alive and burning in this world, it reminds us of the Hope that is here and the Hope that is still to come!

Now go shine BRIGHT beautiful light!

Also, sweet friend in my corner, how can I be praying for you today?

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