My family recently took a trip back to my Hubby’s old stomping grounds.  Before we left, I was multi tasking and prayed over our trip while packing.   It was dead of winter and we were flying into Chicago, so I was a bit concerned of possible flight delays or even worse, cancellations.  I prayed that we would be safe, everything would run smoothly and effectively and that we would find God’s favor wherever we went.  I envisioned and prayed that lines would open up, bags would not be lost, tables would be available, and parking spots free. (Hey why not, right!)  I prayed that everyone would enjoy themselves and that great memories would be made! Oh, and I also prayed for laughter.  I LOVE to laugh, nothing is better to me!  It’s my absolute favorite thing!  It brings me such great, incredible joy!

When we arrived home, my heart was full. It was a wonderful trip!  I sat in bed reminiscing over all the blessed moments we had, thanking God and recognizing His grace and favor in our lives.  As I was listing off one by one all of the cherished moments of gratitude to Him, I heard Him quietly intervene, “And laughter!” What?  I thought.  Oh my gosh!  Laughter!  I completely forgot I had prayed for laughter!  Right then, happiness welled up in my heart and in my eyes as I remembered the last night of our trip.  We had gone out with sisters, brothers and cousins.  NEVER in my life had I seen a group of grown adults, smashed into a three row SUV, laugh so uncontrollably, out loud, ridiculously hard!  It was as if we had been drugged or put under some kind of a spell!  It was FABULOUS!  Boy did God deliver on that one!  Yes Lord, and laughter!  Thank you!

What brings you great joy?  Do you feel you have joy in your life?

I love the beautiful image God gives us in Psalm 97!   It speaks of how Light and Joy are sown and scattered along our pathway when we follow Him!  The amplified bible refers to this kind of Joy as [the irrepressible joy, which comes from consciousness of His favor and protection.]

I believe such life joy, comes from aligning our lives to God’s will.

You will make know to me the Path of life;  You will FILL ME WITH JOY in Your Presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.  (Psalm 16:11)

God loves you.  He wants you to stick close to Him.  It’s safe there on His Path of life.  There’s peace, growth and everlasting joy there!  And, He likes to SPOIL you there!  Stick to His Path friend!  He sees you, He hears you, He promises He is delivering you personally to Paradise.  But what if I’ve wandered too far?  What if I’ve really messed up?  We all have.  I love Buddhist Teacher Jack Kornfield’s honest reply when asked after speaking on the way in which he believes to live. “Is this how you live your life?” He was asked.  “On a good day!”  He replied.  We are human. We will wander and at times, step off the beaten path.  That’s okay!  Just step right back in.

Now remain in My love.  If you keep my commands, you will remain in My love… I have told you this so that My JOY MAY BE IN YOU AND THAT YOUR JOY MAY BE COMPLETE.  (John 15:9)

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