Father First Challenge




Psalm 5:3 (AMP)

In the morning You hear my voice, O Lord; In the morning I prepare [a prayer, a sacrifice] for you and watch and wait [for you to speak to my heart.]


“Why do you go straight to your phone when you wake up Mommy?  What about your Bible?”  I was recently called out on a hazardous habit by my youngest daughter, while scrolling through my phone looking to see what the #fearlessinversion of the day was. Like they say, “Through the mouths of babes.” 


In Holy Yoga, each class, we set an intention for the practice by setting our hearts and minds on God and His Word before any movement takes place.  Similarly, as Christians, we need to live intentional lives.  We can accomplish this by intentionally going to God first thing in morning, before checking our emails, missed calls, latest new headlines or scrolling through our Facebook or Instagram feeds.  We need to first, feed, strengthen and nourish our hearts, minds and spirits with Him.  Girding our selves in Truth so that we can be prepared to handle what we’ll open, read and see.  By opening the internet or tuning into the world via social media, before conversation with God and His Word, we open a wide door for the enemy to work in us early on and set his intention for our day.  With overwhelming feelings of inferiority, thoughts of fear, dread, anxiety, comparison or doubt.  Our day can quickly take a downward spiral!




Here is the Challenge!  Each and every morning, get with God first!  Before you go to your smart phone, I pad, computer or television, before you go to the world, pray and prepare this day before the Lord.  Together, set a good intention before you move throughout your day.  Luke 1:37 For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment. The world can wait!  Wake up and go straight to your Almighty, Living, ALL things are possible, Sovereign God!   Be fed, nourished, empowered, renewed, strengthened, encouraged, healed, guided, loved and filled! Then go and take on the world!  Watch expectantly and see how God’s grace, goodness and power unfold and reveal itself to you and your life! (Matthew 5:6 AMP)




God’s glory is you at your finest!  When we are happy, healthy and whole, filled with joy and peace; regardless of our circumstance, living the abundant, spiritually prosperous lives we were created to live, God gets the glory (2 Corinthians 4:15)!  Let the world be filled with His wondrous works and glory by filling ourselves with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19)!  I challenge you to give Him the time and space He desires to fulfill the promises He has for you!  He’s waiting to pour out favor and blessings into your life!  Are you ready to truly LIVE?


For the Glory of God, His Word before the world!  Father First Challenge!  Hear’s what you do!

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Each morning take these steps!

  1. Father First! Each morning before any news, emails or social media of any kind, read His Word in the Bible or a daily devotional! Pray, listen, rest, renew, fill up!  (Even if it’s just a few minutes! let’s be real, some days are crazy!)
  2. Snap a photo or a video each day inspired by the time with The Father! (Bible and blooms in your backyard, Handsome hubby in the Word, kiddos praying.) Maybe it’s a picture of the favor, joy, beauty, peace or breakthroughs you are experiencing in your life, as a result of putting the Father First!
  3. Post, Tag and #!  Post your pictures and videos to your Instagram and Facebook page! Tag @Heaven_Happy and use both #FatherFirst and #HeavenHappy!   

I can’t wait to see and hear all of the ways God is working in and through your life!  See you on social media!




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Enjoy some Father First tunes!


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